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Dan is a hard-fighting Colorado attorney with years of experience successfully representing clients involved in auto accidents, real estate issues, and wills / probate / estate planning.

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"A Strong Mind Trumps a Strong Arm."

“Real Cases – Real Results”

Dan Slater has been able to recover millions of dollars for his personal injury clients. Each client has a story to tell of real results. Here are a few:

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 8:
While driving in Canon City, a family of three generations — a grandmother and two minor children — is hit by a careless driver from behind. The first lawyer they see tells them they won’t see more than $25,000 altogether from the collision. The grandmother suffers from mild traumatic brain injuries; the children have neck and spinal injuries. The insurance company tries to stop paying the family’s medical bills. In the end, the family sees Dan Slater. With Dan’s help, the insurance company is forced to pay the family’s medical bills, plus future medical bills, and Dan recovers well over $200,000 for the family in addition to the medical bills.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 16:
While stopped on East Main Street in Canon City, a woman is rear-ended by a tractor-trailer not paying attention. The truck is so large that it pushes the woman’s car to the curb, causing her to fear for her life. Following the collision, the woman suffers neck pain, loss of range of motion, back pain, and headaches. Dan Slater files suit for the woman against the trucking company and helps her recover more than $100,000.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 41:
Injured in an auto accident, a woman expects her insurance company to pay her accident-related medical bills, just like her insurance policy promises. But the insurance company — a small, out-of-state outfit — denies payment on a number of medical bills, in violation of Colorado law. The woman contacts Dan Slater, and with Dan’s help, recovers $50,000.00 from the insurance company for their failure to follow the laws of Colorado and their failure to provide their insured what was promised to her when she bought insurance.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 53:
Driving on Highway 115 between Canon City and Florence, a woman stops to allow a vehicle in front of her make a left turn. She is hit from two cars behind by a careless driver who was not paying attention to the road, or the cars stopped in front of him. As a result of the collision, the woman suffers neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. Dan Slater works with the woman and fights to ensure the insurance company pays what is fair; in the end, the woman recovers $185,000 from the other driver’s insurance company.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 68:
A young lady, out for her exercise, is riding in a peaceful residential Canon City neighborhood when she is hit by a careless driver backing quickly out of their driveway. The cyclist is thrown 17 feet from her bicycle, and hits her head on the pavement; thankfully, she is wearing a helmet, which helped reduce her injuries. In the end, the cyclist suffers injuries to her knee, neck, and toe. Thanks to the expertise of Dan Slater, the cyclist’s medical bills were paid, and settlements were reached with the insurance companies involved for a total of $44,000.00.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 69:
A teenager goes out for a night on the town with her friends. Sadly, she makes a bad choice to get in a car with an older boy who had been drinking. The boy rolls his car into a ditch in rural Western Fremont County; the teenager is significantly injured. Even though the teenager made bad choices, the worst choice of all was made by the boy who drove drunk. Dan Slater helps the teenager recover for her medical bills and obtain a settlement worth $92,500.00.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 72:
A gentleman buys a new motorcycle and wants to impress his girlfriend. However, he’s never really had a bike before, and once she gets on the bike, he loses control before it even gets started, and he lets the bike fall on her, causing her physical damage and pain. Dan Slater is able to help the woman recover $67,000 for her damages combined from his insurance and her own UM/UIM coverage.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 76:
Driving along Highway 50 East of Pueblo, an elderly man encounters a van making an illegal turn onto the Highway in front of him. The man slams on his brakes, but cannot avoid an impact and ends up in the ditch alongside the road. In the process, the man suffered a brain contusion, and neck and back injuries. He continued to suffer neck and back pain and headaches long after the accident. Dan Slater worked to help the man recover for his injuries, and was able to help this elderly man obtain $90,000 for his injuries.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 95:
While driving near Saguache, an out-of-state biker is riding with a group of motorcyclists. From behind, another biker goes into a skid and slams into the first biker. Later, the second biker blames the first biker for the skid. The first biker sees Dan Slater; originally, the second biker’s insurance wants to blame Dan’s client, and give him nothing for his injuries. Dan fights for his client, and in the end, the insurance company provides Dan’s client with the full $100,000 policy limits of its policy.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 100:
While shopping at a Canon City business, a woman is walking across the parking lot. Oblivious to his surroundings, a man blindly backs his large truck out of a parking spot, pinning the woman to the lowered tailgate of another pickup truck. The woman suffers internal injuries. Dan Slater works to obtain settlements from both the at-fault driver’s insurance and the woman’s underinsured motorist insurance for the combined policy limits of $75,000.

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Dan Slater is licensed to practice law in all state courts in Colorado, as well as the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Dan Slater represents clients throughout Southern Colorado, including Canon City, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Salida, and the Lower Arkansas Valley (La Junta, Las Animas, Lamar, etc.). Call today - 719-269-3315, or email Dan@danslaterlaw.com.