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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad FaithInsurance companies love to take your money. They’re quite adept at slick marketing campaigns and complicated rating systems that nobody really understands to ensure that you pay — and pay dearly — each month for the “privilege” of having their insurance.

Too often, though, when it comes time to use an insurance company’s product — the coverage you’ve faithfully purchased for years — the insurance company can become strangely silent. Sometimes, they can even treat you like you’re the enemy.

Dan Slater has seen this behavior too often from insurance companies. He’s seen insurance companies try to deny coverage for bogus reasons. He’s seen insurance companies attempt to dismiss one of their insured’s injuries as simply psychological — “it’s all in his head”. He’s seen insurance companies video tape their customers in the hopes that they can find 30 seconds out of an otherwise painful day to paint their own insured as a liar, a fake, and a cheat.

And when Dan sees one of his clients treated this way, he knows how to respond: he fights back.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 8:
While driving in Canon City, a family of three generations — a grandmother and two minor children — is hit by a careless driver from behind. The first lawyer they see tells them they won’t see more than $25,000 altogether from the collision. The grandmother suffers from mild traumatic brain injuries; the children have neck and spinal injuries. The insurance company tries to stop paying the family’s medical bills. In the end, the family sees Dan Slater. With Dan’s help, the insurance company is forced to pay the family’s medical bills, plus future medical bills, and Dan recovers well over $200,000 for the family in addition to the medical bills.

You see, in Colorado, an insurance company has to treat its customers fairly and with good faith. They have to do this even if it costs them money. They have to do this whether you’ve been their customer for 30 years or 30 days. They even have to do this if you cancel your insurance with them after the accident. And in those cases where they don’t treat their customers fairly, an insurance company can face penalties — and the only penalty an insurance company understands is one with dollar signs attached to it.

“Real Cases — Real Results” Case Study No. 41:
Injured in an auto accident, a woman expects her insurance company to pay her accident-related medical bills, just like her insurance policy promises. But the insurance company — a small, out-of-state outfit — denies payment on a number of medical bills, in violation of Colorado law. The woman contacts Dan Slater, and with Dan’s help, recovers $50,000.00 from the insurance company for their failure to follow the laws of Colorado and their failure to provide their insured what was promised to her when she bought insurance.

If you’ve been in a car accident, and you feel like you’re not being treated fairly by your insurance company, give Dan Slater a call. Insurance companies depend on their customers not knowing the law; having Dan Slater at your side evens the playing field.

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