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Employment Discrimination – Race, Gender, Pregnancy, Religion Discrimination

Don't let employers discriminate against youWhen you start working for a company, you expect that you’ll be treated fairly. You don’t expect to have your employer treat you differently because of the color of your skin, or because of your gender, or because of your religion. Nowadays, most employers are pretty good about treating employees equally regardless of these things.

However, there are still occasions where an employer makes bad decisions on the basis of a classification that the United States government says is protected. When that happens, all sorts of deadlines and time limits start to run.

When you’ve experienced illegal employment discrimination, you need a lawyer who is experienced in helping employees address that discrimination. You need Dan Slater.

Dan can work with you in making your initial claim with the EEOC or the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and once you receive a “right to sue” letter, he can spearhead litigation in Federal Court to address your problems. So if you feel you’ve experienced discrimination – demotions, lack of promotions, issues in hiring, or loss of employment – because of any of the following, call Dan’s office at 719-269-3315 today, or send us an e-mail with the details.

 Race
 Religion
 Gender
 Sexual Orientation
 Age (over 35)
 National Origin
 Pregnancy

Dan Slater is licensed to practice law in all state courts in Colorado, as well as the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Dan Slater represents clients throughout Southern Colorado, including Canon City, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Salida, and the Lower Arkansas Valley (La Junta, Las Animas, Lamar, etc.). Call today - 719-269-3315, or email Dan@danslaterlaw.com.